Tuesday, July 21

Guilty but motivated

My FYP supervisor's tummy is getting bigger. I think it's 5 months already. I almost can't recognize her from far.

After class, Adreen and myself went to meet her to discuss about our Progress report that we need to submit end of the week. Lucky us, she was in good mood, (sometimes pregnant lady are quite emotional due to the hormone thingy)

Damn, I just realized I was off track all this while. I wasn't planning things that she wants. So i need to research again.

However, she is very looking forward for my implementation. She told me my uni has granted some fund to carry out this system. While I wasn't sure if I can manage this, I'm so guilty yet motivated by her eagerness and trust in me.

Man, this is my first time I'm saying this : I gonna make this damn system!!!! Please pray so that I get smarter. LOL


  1. lucky me for checking ur blog, or else, I don't know that we have to submit the report that early. I wonder if my supervisor is kind enough to extend the date.. fingers crossed!

  2. go go.. u can do it.. haha.. all the best for your final sem!! hehe..