Wednesday, July 29


I heard UTP is closing down soon. How soon? I have no idea yet. But what I'm worry is, should I chao now before they quarantine us in the darn campus?

We'll be locked in the room, no toilets, no water. Some people in charge will deliver the food to our door. for one. whole. week. Maybe i should start packing and quietly leave the campus.

Okay, i made the second paragraph my own. But isn't that the case if UTP were to close down, and all of the students have to be quarantine inside the campus? So, will there be classes? What's the different if we stay in hostel and not to go classes? The air will move to my room anyway. So, what's the point? But if let's say after 7 days, the uni reopen and there are more cases and they have to shut down again. After 7 days, reopen then if got people got the flu again, shut down and it's a loop. Neverending loops. So what happens to our, er, classes and all??

How??? No vaccine yet meh? Like that la, go and get the flu and by the time you recovered, your body will immuned to the virus. Right?


  1. We actually need few more cases before the uni declare shut go and boost the number fast, benefit the rest of us.

  2. Who said UTP is gonna shut down? I don't think so. So far, doctor confirms that there's no H1N1 cases in UTP yet. There are people quarantine but it doesn't mean that they are infected by H1N1, right? Don't spread the rumor la. Just scare people around only! And u know why there's no vaccine yet? Hehe.. because that disease doesn't happen to the Big Boss. Try this! U find the way to infect the virus to ppl, say, Bill Gate or Obama.. hehehe.. I guarantee! Within a week, the vaccine will be released... :D

  3. Pangkor - i'll drag u along if I'm going to hit the number. :)

    Davuth - there are many speculations around. Some said lack 2 people from being closed down. Well, I think I choose to believe tho it's kinda ridiculous? Hahahaha. About the vaccine, I have no comments, later i'm in ISA without anyone realize. haha