Tuesday, July 28

Man tao

You know when you can't solve problems you hide them in the deep ocean.

Hoping it will never resurface. So you're away from the problems?

But as you were burying the problems, you buried along your feelings.

Living in an empty shell. No longer the chasiewpao that cry in the movie.


  1. I think u've been so stressed up with ur fyp already.. take it easy... if u r feeling good, u will do it faster as well.. :) good luck to u! And remember that u r not the worst case.. I haven't started my fyp yet.. not at all.. if u get what i mean!

  2. it's not about fyp. it's about my own feelings. Somehow i think I've becoming someone who doesn't know how to express my own feelings, if i have any at the moment.

  3. I don't know the reason, but I feel that FYP is the root cause of this problem. I don't know! Perhaps after this sem, everything would be back to normal. By the way, whether it's cos of the FYP or not, just try to take it easy. Don't get stressed out so much. Take care ne!