Wednesday, July 22

I saw eclipse today


Adam nudged me, told me we are able to see the longest eclipse today, somewhere around 830-930am. HE also told me if you make wishes during the eclipse, they will come true because it is very leng a.k.a accurate?

So i suggested him to wish for more hairs, smaller tummy, fairer skin, and longer XXX.

In return, he asked me to wish for taller, thinner, fairer, prettier, etc etc.


I told myself, waa, so leng i also want to wish tomorrow.

This morning.

I woke up and walked to the balcony. And i saw one big sun, and a big round moon, side by side. I waited and when the moon moves nearer to the sun, i made wishes. Then the moon is in the center of the sun and ... split into two again. I wished, "If you can't make me thin, please make my friends fat". I grinned and walked back to my room.

I opened my eyes, i was still in my bed, wearing pajamas. It was 9.30am. Damn, i overslept. I rushed out to the balcony but i hardly see the sun. It was too bright. So i just stood there and mumbled, went back to my bed and continued sleeping.

"Popi ping ping an an, gao gao tak chek. popi popi."

Well, basically i saw eclipse in my sweet dreams. Hoho.

P/s: Final sem student, no class one ma, can sleep until the sun blazing up on your roof one ma. Very eng one lor. mai hiam beh pai. Mai jeles lor. :P

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  1. so lazy... i got up since the morning to see the eclipse.. huhu!!