Monday, July 13


OH, recluctantly i'm back to UTP. Guess what, some of my stuffs are locked in the previous room and i have no key to access to it. I need to tell a reasonable lie to get the key from the staff, or else i might have to pay the penalty for leaving stuff in my room during the sem break~!!

Grhhh.. i cleaned, i mopped, i sweeped the whole room upside down and when i'm onlining, someone entering the room.

WHO was that? Carina is not coming in until this sat/sun.

I turned my head to see ....


  1. hmmm....didnt you keep a spare key of your old room?

  2. Yea lo, why don keep your xtra key for urself one. Summore u study here for 4 years dy, should know by now le. Hehe

  3. dunno why i didnt keep last sem.. but worry no more, i went to ask the key aready. :)