Sunday, July 12

craziness whole night

I tried to glance at the clock at the living room from my bedroom. It says 12.10pm. I rubbed my eyes to have a proper look. The hour needle that pointing at 12 seems to be shorter than the minutes needle. I knew i was wrong. It was 2.00pm.

I took a 500ml water and drank it all and continued on my sleep. Then, i tried to recall what day is today and what had taken place last night.

Within seconds the tonnes of pictures came in and i filtered it away. I knew some of the pictures were from my dreams and the rest, was what happened last night!!

Hennessy, Bacali, red wine, and another black-and-white bottle of liquor. Coke, Zappel, water.

We were sitting in a circle, the bottle of beer spinning on the table, and each of us having an unknown card. When the bottle stopped spinning and pointed at someone who then must say an punishment or an action.

It's basically the scene of Dare game. The games got wilder as time passed by.

But it was cursed it seemed. Whoever who said the punishment would eventually the one who carry it out. Never ever tried to dare something funny or nasty, you will be the one who performed it!

Then, with a smile on my face i fall into the state of Dejavu.


  1. Can i join next round?? :P i've not played this since ages ago.. *thumbs up*

  2. Seriously you drank 500ml water? oh my god!!! heheeh next time will try to join also! :D

  3. Its Bacardi anyway. Not Bacali

  4. jan & icebreaker: jom...

    thanks anonymous for correcting me. That shows i'm not a alcoholics? hehehe