Friday, August 21

Paris Disneyland

I always envy those little kids who have been there before. I think it must be heaven to them, seeing all the Mickey and friends.

~mickey mouse and friends :{

During our visit to Paris, we were hesitated if we should go to Disneyland. We were on tight budget and the entrance fee was 62 Euro for two parks, which is around RM300. YuXuan and the gang managed to buy the tickets online at 50 Euro with 15% discount each.

weiwei @ ticket counter

Jojo told us that the last time she went, she bought at student price which was around 40 euro and that's 20 euro or RM100 in different (If we could save 1 Euro, we are so happy can die already! *Wet eyes* 1 Euro = RM5 leh) we're not being calculative, but why pay more? Hence, we went googling but couldn't get any reliable data saying that Disneyland has student price. :( So sad can die.

donkey : So sad can die, but stil have to hi~

The fact was we could still buy ticket online and save 10 Euro. But, we brought so much cash to Paris because we were planning to buy on the spot and if we were to buy online, we might not save that much afterall because:
1. Buy online, RM convert to Euro at high bank rate. Not good.
2. Bring cash go M'sia and convert it back to RM at the low rate. Not good x2.
Later see see the money lost is more than the money we saved. In the end, we agreed to gamble. Either save Rm100 or pay the actual price.

roller coaster @ adventure land

When we reached, we went to the ticket counter to acquire the doubts in our mind. Yippee, we won. They do have student prices and only on weekdays @40 Euro for two parks. It was Sunday. =.="" So we have to come back the next day and unfortunately the weather forecast said it gonna be raining on Monday!!! =.=""""" .

Tell me, if you were us, would you save 20 Euro = RM100. (RM100 * 4 people = RM400. CAN SAVE RM400 OKAYYYY!!!) or get drenched in the rain?

Of course, we chose the latter one, which is to get wet. We're bunch of cool and hyper teenagers, a few drops of water won't kill us. :) Oh, we felt so great saving the RM400. It was the best mission accomplished. Lalalala. Okay, end of looong story, Pictures time~

Welcome to Disneyland :)
Disneyland, Bienvenue!!
Hello Planet Hollywood !

Hello Balloons! wtf
Hello Goofy !
Hello Lengluis :D
Hello Pink Car!
Hello to keehui's long lost twin!!

Before Monday, we prayed and used the law of attraction. PLEASE DO NOT RAIN,.. Too bad, the power wasn't strong enough, it rained and ww was down with fever. No good no good. But we proceed with our plan anyway. Coz it's now or never. =.-

Sick WW @ Disneyland

The operating hours are shorter during the weekdays, 9-7pm. Hence, we agreed to play only those highly recommended and which requires certain heights. It means if the game require certain tall people to play, means it's more challenging like that. Hoho. No, i'm not discriminating short people, what came to my mind was height = age limit as well. Get it?

Map of Disneyland @ Disney Park

I love Disneyland. They have very good maintenance of building and everything. I feel so young again! or so. The games do not cater only for young children, we, the adults found it (those chi kek (excited) are very great) Better than cockscrew (Genting's) 100 times!!!

See our fucking face you know already -lah!

And some which sounds like so childish were very great too, like "Honey I shrunk the audiences", "Star trek" etc etc.

waiting @ the "honey i shrunk the audiences".

If you remember the movie entitled "honey, i shrunk the baby" where the husband who is a scientist shrunk his baby blah blah blah, we who wearing a 3D glasses were being shrunk into little people. I really buy the effect, I felt almost being shrunk!

while queuing up for the game

deng deng deng, kh and me in our machine to kill those monsters!!!

got snapped. hahaha, look at keehui! He squinted his eyes to aim and my blurred face.

If you happened to go there, you must enter the "It's a small world". Really really beautiful and wonderful. :)) It;s reakky colorful and the song it's a small world played continuously, non stop!!
why no pics of me? It's because i was so wet and messy!
Actually no, no one is willing to be photographer coz we constantly remind ourselves,
"must play all the games, pictures later"
due to the time constraint that we have. :(
and now I regret so much!!

back to the small world. colorful isn't it?

inside of the bulding. It's around 5 minutes boat ride and you'll see these colorful mini dolls dancing and dancing at different locations (Eiffel Tower@ the pic above) or others themes on your left, right, front and behind. You just don't know which side to see. :S
merry go round !
is it in India?
@ lala land.

Of all the rides that we took that day, the most exciting is the *drum roles* Terror of Tower in the Hollywood Tower Hotel.
(translated- Attention, those who are chicken hearted are not allowed to take this lift unless you're planning a suicide.)
WW @ Hollywood Tower Hotel

It is said to be haunted esp the lift that carried 9 people were said to be.....M I S S I N G in that lift.... Soon, the news spread around the town and the hotel is now empty and haunted!

see, blurred pictures - sign of haunted house?
The lady in the picture is staring at you. wtf.
my face expression says it all: That's the haunted lift!

I don't want to spoilt the mood. You just go and try it. Better than the Solero shot in Genting. :)

Hmmm, are you bored already? I is extremely! Let just show you some random pictures taken.

Reading the map!
Pinocchio's house :Pwaiting for our turn to some ride.
in front of the snow white castle, i think
keehui with the Indianna Jones's truck.
in front of the toilet. I know wtf right?
Keehui @ the Pirates of the Carribean entranceyh and me in front of the ship and skull island?
a group picture!!! :)
ww, yh @ Walt Disney studio
yeay, we're at the Hollywood!
keehui @ the Hollywood star mini gallery
Resting ourselves. keehui was obssessed with the "sarang heyo" love sign from the Family outing show i told him.
Disneyland closing. :( People rushing out

Guess what we had for breakfast and lunch? We brought in our own food, to save money lah! cherries and some crackers.
see, they're so happy when given food.
We appointed ourselves with some position, like myself - the food committee and the rest can't remember already.

Bye bye!!

Some tips:
1. Disneyland has student price, only on weekdays
2. They can keep your luggages/bags from minimum of 4 euro. (depends of sizes)
3. You can bring in some snacks (hide them) if you want to save moneyy
4. Check weather forecast first. Better don't go during rainy days, it might spoilt your mood
5. They have FAST PASS TICKETS on certain rides. So if the queue is long, you can take your number first, then go for other rides and come back later. But you can only hold one fast pass at one time. However, even though the queue may look long, but it's quite efficient and the longest queue we have ever waited was like 20-30 minutes compared to the genting hours!!

p/s: Pardon for my grammar and poor english.


  1. bravo..good post leh..feel wanna go again.jom.lets pack the stuff and chow.haha

  2. wah. reminds me of those days. missing disneyland. haha.

  3. was kee hui holding a hamster ? or was it a hamster holding kee hui?

  4. peng iu- let's go!!! XOXO

    davuth - yeah, i know it's so boring!!! :(

    renae - YEah, disneyland rox!!!

    Kian - u better ask keehui himself. I think the hamster laying on his chest. XP

  5. ehhh so jealous.
    how was paris's disney?? :)

    i loovveee tower of terror!!! ahaha went on it twice. lol.

    can feel my body floating.

  6. jeles ur butt la audrey, u went there leh... hihihi.

    actually, keehui told me that the lift will fall so i was prepared for it. Damn, screw my first time. hahaha
    you see see ww&yh they screeeeeeammmed like hell.

  7. not in parriisss maaa

    the city of lurvvhh :P

    i was scared too many times walking in, so during the lift, first time scary la. second time, i know where they turn d so not scared. but there's 3 drop patterns. first time is most scary for me. hahahaaa

    buttt solero at genting is the scariest. for some reason.

  8. i feel all the disneyland shud be the same gua... there's one part when it reaches the top, the window opens and see the whole park. The view was superb...!!!!

    yeah, it's scary esp for long hair girls like you. haha