Thursday, August 20

@ lab

Aiseh, why the final sem students need to attend labs? It's not like the Lab GA is going to teach we are going to listen to what the lab GA going to whisper in front of the lab.

So, we are required to do assignment?
And all i see around me are busy facebooking and surfing the internet.

On my left, zp is busy flirting with thu ha. "Add me la in facebook" and they are using ONE PC. ahahah. so scandalous.

(krruuhhh, kruuuhh, i'm so hungry now)
why the heck the block 2 smells shit this morning?


  1. don't complain so much la.. final year is also a student, and a student needs to attend class.. it's as simple as that..

  2. yes,, but ... hmmm... just very de lazy! haha