Tuesday, August 18

TSD performance @ Tesco

Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art. It's not as common and widespread like TaeKwanDo but still a type of martial art. Never mind that you have never heard of it, but I'm proud to be one of them. Once a TSD, forever a TSD. :)

Huishiong and me:)

Anita, HS, me and Alison

So last saturday, Anita called a few of us to help out to do performance @ Tesco Pengkalan in conjunction with the "Bulan Pencegahan Jenayah". Some of them even drove back from Melaka and KL to be in the team. The short 10 minutes performance consisted of some introduction of the forms by the primary school children, free sparing by the children, some self-defend skills if you were to attacked by rapist/snatch thief, some planks kicking and bricks chopping.

the school kids

(L-R) Huishiong, Anita, me, PengOn, KhongChin, CheeHong & JunZeng

kaCaaaaaaaa.... dun play play with me. Huh:P

happy kid got certificate. wtf

(Actually there is a video uploaded in my FB. Just don't know how to download it to my PC so that I can upload here. Er.,, this is the link in my fb, have a view of the overall performance. Ahehe)


  1. Seriously, can you fight? :D or is it just for a show?? hahaha.. :P

  2. wow..i never knew you're into martial arts.

  3. davuth : Haha i think i can, but too long have not been training, so ... you want to try?>?

    Rez : Low profile low profile. ahaha