Monday, September 28

Batch VS Prom

Being a final semester student with the student life span lesser than two months, I am going to crush both parties partaying all my lungs out. Batch dinner is a must thingy, since it's for us, the final year students who graduating soon. Well, prom night in my uni isn't the yearly event and the last prom being held in this uni was during my foundation 2, wtf, exactly FOUR (4) years ago!!!!

It's so sad that some of my friends are not going to any of the events. They claimed that it's waste of time and money. -.-? The price is reasonable and not like you can't afford it! Well, it's a once a lifetime events. I may sound desperate, but hey, I don't have any of these during my high schools... and everytime I see prom night pictures of my other friends/juniors I feel so jealous. hmm..aiya diao them la go or not. Ten years down the road i know I made the right choices when I see back the photos. :)

It's so perfect that both themes are quite contradict, rockstar and masquerade.

pic from

I think this theme is easy to follow, just bring a rock on ur right hand and a star on ur left hand= rockstar. kidding. something black and funky and a few accessories like kilat-kilat belt and dogchain alike necklace is enought to make you look like a rockstar!

As for the prom night, the most important thing you must have is just a MASK.

and a dress?

If you're unsure of what kind of dress that suits you, go la take the FB quiz. :)


  1. I heard about the masquerade for about a few weeks ago but the one that I want to go with doesn't want to go.. hahaha.. :D and on top of that, I don't seem to have the dress to fit with the event.. hehe..

  2. who is that?????? Buy her the ticket, i think she'll go then. hahaha. all you need is just a mask, then can go d~

  3. i don't think buying her a ticket will make anything difference.. :) it's not about money though.. hehe..

  4. really? get other girls dude~ :) are you still going?