Sunday, September 27

heartless statement

I think I have a dramatic life.

Neh, those stories that when you are watching you feel like
  • slapping those bitches
  • pitying those innocents
  • killing those bastards
and those IF I WERE him/her, I would do this and that?

Yeap, that kind.

But i was taught to be contented.
Be contented with what I have and be grateful because I'm living in a comfortable lives as compared to the poorer ones. The question is, why should we comparing ourselves with the less fortunate and not the fortunate ones?

It breaks our hearts when we compare you with others. You may be good, but you're not the best. It's not like you can't provide us with the simple lives we longing for, but you chose to make things worse because of your selfishness.

You taught us independent when all we want is love and care.
letting us struggle and fight for our lives when all we want is being protected.

I may sound heartless, but why good guys die earlier?

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