Tuesday, September 15


Hooray, I've just submitted my FYP progress report this afternoon. Finally I'm free from facebook quarantine. Hehehe. Actually, I got back my password two nights ago because I told Carina (my roommate) I'm very discipline already, won't touch Bejeweled until I'm done with my report. ^.^

I didn't know what got me to get addicted to the game. Maybe self satisfaction? When i first started playing, I saw my friends' records, ranking #1 is above 100k points and I started to curse. "KNN, how can they scored that high? Diao Diao Diao". I stood in front of the mirror and brain washed myself. "PLAY UNTIL YOU SCORE 100k!!". Aza Aza Aza~

In the end, i scored 130k like that and my rank shot up to #5 from like, hell bottom. The #1 was still like around 180k points. aiSeh, so proud of myself okay, but that was like 3-4 hours continue nonstop. 1 game = 1 minute, so 1 hours ~ 50 games. 4 hours = 200 games!!!! no wonder when I see Carina's face I feel like clicking her nose upwards her eyes to score points -......-

BUT last night when I login the game, I feel like kicking my friend's ass because she scored 300k and became #1. GAHHHHHH. 300,000 leh... how many EXCELLENT, BRAVO, ZNG, BOOM, EXCELLENT to score that fcking 300,000 points in 1 minute? 60 seconds. She must be damn lucky I must say. It's all about luck isn't it? Hohoho.

I played the game until 4am which I was very reluctant to go to bed that kind (last 1, 1 last game, 1,1,1,1,1,1,1 since 3am) In the end, I was so sleepy that my upper eyelids drops till my chest I faster switch off the computer and while I was lying down on the bed, I kept thinking of the strategics until I fall asleep and when I have all the strategics and TIME aka NOW, THIS IS WHAT I WAS TOLD.


On another note, please do not do PLAGARISM. A final semester student was caught doing plagarism in her assignment and scored ZERO. (chiak kay neng)

FML x2.


  1. Eh! what is FML? And what's with the PLAGIARISM? Don't understand at all.. anyway, I'm going to try that game... i wanna know why u say a lot of good thing about it.. hehe.. see if I'm addicted to it like u r or not.. :D

  2. FML is fuck my life. hahaha.
    I'm the student! :(
    don't try it man, later u got hooked up. haha

  3. Sometimes, when I get really really addicted to a game... when I close my eyes at night to go to sleep, I see the game. And then I play it in my head.

    Does that happen to you? =P

  4. hehe... now I know how u feel when u see ur friend gets 300.. my high score is only 87. Seem that it's way to go.. :D