Wednesday, September 16

Human beings

The types of people around us.... that you might want to know. Something popped up, i should write it down to entertain you guys? haha. Please do not get offended, it's just for fun.

#1. Beh kan beh tua han
(People that need to be scolded) These people you should throw into dusbin and wait for the lorry to collect them away. Actually, they are the one who always gives you lotsa headaches, provoking you by asking lotsa stupid question especially when you're super moody time.
Eg: On the car ride to Sitiawan, A asked "are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet? are we there yet?" every 1 minute.

#2. Pue ki ong, ffk, fly aeroplane
(People who break their promises/date) These people you should kan until beh tahan (scold until they cannot stand and kneel down and apology to you) because they not only ruin the well-planned trip but also annoy the organizers.
Eg: Who wants to go Genting? ME! ME! ME! MUST Count me IN K! In the end, sorry my aunt/uncle/cousin/longlostfriends/grandma/grandpa/etc coming to visit me.

#3. Sien guys
(People who are bored, I mean boring) These people when they are in good mood, they treat you nicely, talk nicely and even praise you. But when they are in bad mood, they ignore you as if you're transparent and they will say sien lor many times just to shoo you away and not to disturb them.
Eg: Let's go Ipoh. Sien lor, mai la. Ipoh very sien. Sien la go with you.

(Oh, i just realized I wrote this post just like the way adreen wrote about ass and tasha wrote about people who should be tembaked. Not trying to copy but it ended up that way so go read them)

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