Wednesday, June 23

Deng deng deng

Deng Deng Deng, my face has become less swollen compared to last week. In fact, it has almost turn back to the original round shape but slightly rounder because it swells at the chin. I have a question. Can a round thing be rounder? It's round in shape and how round can it be anymore? Unless we count the area of surface but still, maybe I should forget about it. :P

Do I looked like I hid two fishballs in my mouth?

This picture clearly shows that my family members were enjoying their dinner, munching away. Can you spot a bowl of soup with fishballs nearby my empty plate? I poked one of it with my fork happily thinking wanna cut it into pieces but I was forbidden because the fishball might endangered to my wound as I am in strict diet. But....

they ordered a fish porridge for me.*love*>

Deng deng deng x2. I cooked for my siblings yesterday. I was kinda proud of my dishes because I received positive feedback from them. They loved the pork+chicken dish. Initially, I wanted to cook ginger one, but found no ginger so I just play with it.

It tasted just nice and I loved it too. I even tried to steal a few pieces and eat it slowly. :))

Heh, fried eggs. and cucumbers. That is my ABC soup because it's plain.

Raw materials.
Peace, I success!

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