Monday, July 26

Hey ya!

It's my sixth day at work!

I've moved nearer to working place as well... 15 minutes smooth driving without traffic lights or bumper and no toll! :)) It's great isn't it but the sad part is that it's like 40 minutes away from city center or my sister's home at least. Well, I'm not complaining. I don't mind driving longer to meet friends and family once a while than being dragged to drive to work everyday!

And, I got the whole master room for myself. I've been wanting to have a room for myself since I was little because sharing means little privacy and smaller spaces to yourself but I am missing my sisters already. There's no one for late night talks. There's no one bugging you for dirtying up their spaces. There's no one kicking you back to your own bed. and... there's no extra wardrobe. Sigh.

Well well well, I believe staying away from family means better control and planning of my own life. I get to be more independent and appreciate every little things that I may have taken granted before.

A random topic again. What to do, I have no life except for working, maybe?


  1. seem someone is getting mature now.. hehe

  2. where u staying?

  3. Davuth: Ya meh?? hehehe. What's ur link?

    Pakker: Seri Kembangan. You??


  4. fri nite happy hour lo...text me if you want...