Sunday, July 4

My life is on track

Ever since I gave back my student card to the management literally because I lied I lost mine because I wanted to keep it to enjoy student discounts to pass down generations by generations like jade, life is getting better.

I really believe that when there's a will, there's a way.

I remember that particular conversation on that evening that made me wanted to do braces for real. I've been wanting to do so quite some time but due to money constraint and all, we (my friends and I) decided to take up the liquor promoter job, haha which lasted for a day. However, thank God I won the Tiger Run and voila, I got paid to do my braces. Of course, the procedures got complicated because I have two teeth in the gum that I have to do surg ery to remove it out. Well, extracting 8 teeth at once under full anesthetic for 5 hours is the most crazy thing I've ever done and I am thankful that it doesn't painful at all although I vomited a few times after the surgery and my face swollen twice it's size. But I really have a great experience and feel loved and taken care of. Somehow, you get to identify who really loves/cares you easily when you're sick/troubled. :) I am going to my dentist very soon and the dream to perfect smile is on the way.

I have a dream job which I wanted so badly before I even graduated but my online application was rejected. Therefore I started to look for jobs and enjoyed myself throughout the unemployed period. Thank god my family didn't urge me to get a job but kept asking me to enjoy first. My sister said that hunting for job is like choosing a dress. You must get the right size, color, design that fits you perfectly otherwise you won't be comfortable wearing that. My career started three months ago in EM as IT analyst and it goes smoothly and nicely. I thought I am lucky to be able to get that position but I was wrong. My dream company called me up for a phone interview few weeks after I reported to my first company and I passed it and went for second stage of interview and OMFG I got the offer, exactly what I wanted. However, I can't be keeping both jobs and I have to choose between one. After seeking advices around and evaluate criteria offers, I decided to go for my dream job. It means that another dream comes true!

I am not boasting or showing off here, please do not judge me like that. I am telling this because I really believe in "the secret" by thinking positively, believing in yourself and always let your confident shines upon you. Never ever think that you're going to fail before you even try it. Never ever think that you are not good for the things that you have apply for. You won't know until you try.

I would have to work like a cow to get braces if I didn't blog for nuffnang and went to the Tiger Run. I would not be able to get my dream job if I didn't apply / perform the best in the interviews.

But I also believe that God has better plan for you should you fail your interviews/plans. Just do not let a failure affect your performance and trust me, if you're confident, your eyes sparkles like shining stars in the sky.

I am really delighted and appreciate for all the little things that I have and sometimes before I go to sleep, I whisper "thank you".

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