Wednesday, June 30


Disclaimer: This post is all about shit. Please don't read it if you think you're not comfortable with it.

Haih...It bothers me so much that I can't sleep and I feel extremely guilty whenever I eat. I envy you, yes YOU, if you belong to the opposite category of mine which is I don't shit everyday! How can people like you rushing to toilet probably an hour after meals? How nice! You shit what you eat. Me? My shit just refuse to see the world. Probably they are shy kot. WTF. Anyone of you have any formula to cure constipation? Any type of exercise that I can try? I tried banana, papaya, fiber, coffee, fruits, vegetables. I drink almost 500ml water every morning.

Last time I used to go to toilet and sit for a few minutes and "they" came out and said Hi! This is what I called kamcheng with the shit. Now, I think they are getting smarter because no matter how long, 10 minutes, 20 minutes and sometimes I finish reading the whole magazine, they are no where to be seen. Real CB. ZZZZ

Arggh!!! I miss those feelings of "aaahhhhh" after tonnes of shit came out. !!!!

I consulted a few doctors and all they gave me were some medicines. I don't think I want to rely on medication, I had too many pills after the dental surgery and it caused me infections. I tried using "pump" if you know what I meant. T_T~

Tell me what to do!!! Please share with me if you have any tips....


  1. same problem i always have! try those cleansing tea, but drink dy will lausai wan. when really desperate to shit boh pian loh. but you shouldn't depend too heavily on those too. only when really desperate.

    i found that flax seed works for me, it looks like sesame seed. usu i will sprinkle a pinch or small teaspoon full into my food everyday, like in bread or rice then eat together, no taste wan, it really helps my bowel movement (immediate effect, not lausai) and after taking for i don't know, months maybe, it solved my constipation problem until now.

    totally understand how you feel. massive weight gain was also caused by that! cannot pangsai lol

  2. try 'senakot'
    can buy at guardian or watson
    lol =)
    this pill brings no harm to your health
    so no worries =)

  3. omg.. girl.. this is wat happen when oldies like us start working like cow and not paying enuf attention to the shit... always work and dont even hv time to shit and end up this is wat happen...
    eat more fruits as ur blogs says...
    and also... try to rest more, tune ur timing again for eat, sleep and exercise.. everything will be just fine... u still young.. no problem