Saturday, July 17


Adam: Wanna go Zouk? MizzNina will be there.
Me: Who? Who is she?
Saf: Wtf. You don't know meh?
Adam: Yala, you don't know? Got listen to radio or not?
Me: Got, 1fm. hahahahah
Adam&saf: Aunty!
Me: What's the song??
Adam: What you waiting for...
Me: =.=" ??
Saf: neh neh neh neh (humming the song)
Me: ====/=====""""
Saf: (Rap) Baby whats your name, sexy is my name. sexy is my name. oh yea oh yea.
Adam: humming along.
Me: OOOOOooooooo....

And now, I'm hooked to that song.. Oh yea oh yea, sexy is my name... sexy is my name.. :P

P/s: Will update properly next time. in the meantime, looping the song. babehh

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