Wednesday, July 7

Ultimate diet plan

Yesterday, Wanee and I went for this talk called "Ultimate Diet Plan for Busy Executives". When the invitation came to our mail inbox, without hesitation we clicked "Join This Talk" because we need to diet we are busy executives who must maintain a good diet and perform at the same time to be rewarded "Employee of The Year". Waka kaka.

Actually, I feel the urge to share it with you guys because I don't believe if God can't make me thin, they will make my friends fat anymore. We have to fight the stubborn fats together. World Peace, no FATS!

Okay, the theory to ultimate diet plan is simple. No starvation, no exercise. Practice this 5ive rules for any 5ive days of the week. The remaining two days are your freedom, and you are allowed to enjoy your favourite food but must control on the portion and three meals a day.

#1 No Sweets - Next time go mamak, please order tehtariktaknakgula,
tehoaiskosong, kopiokosong. If possible replace your carbonated drinks with
chinese tea or green tea. Beware of beverages like starbucks, milkshake and all,
they contain at least 10 cubes of sugar which is actually more than any
carbonated drinks. Go google and you'll never believe what you discover!

#2 No Fried - I shall give you an equation. Fried food = oily food. Oily food = FATS. FATS = unheathy + weight increase. Hohoho!

#3 No Snack - Three meals a day, no snacks in between. Make sure you have
breakfast, lunch and dinner on time and no skipping any of the meals.

#4 Mix it up - Have a variety of everything on your plate. Carbohidrat like rice, noodles, bread, Protein like fish, chicken, Vegetables like green vege, carrots, pumpkins (as colorful as possible), fruits and etc.

# 5 Control portion - Interesting fact from the speaker. The portion of food is based on the size of your palm. If yours is big and wide then congratulation you can eat a
lot but some people I know like AngKhian who has small palm please cut down your
portion. Interesting, no?

Do give it a try. This diet plan is very simple compared to others which may require you to replace your meals with supplement food or to follow a strict menu given. At least this plan gives me 2 days off to eat what I am craving for... oh ya, before i forget, the minimum amount of water that your body needs per day is your weight / 3. If you're 60kg, you need to drink at least 2l.

Hey guys, let's start this plan this Sunday!

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  1. Bayar royalti, sebab guna nama i sebagai example.
    (means I can only eat the size of my palm?? this diet plan won't work one lah! palm wor..)