Tuesday, August 31

Happy Merdeka -53

I would like to wish Happy Merdeka to my lovely country, Malaysia.

I am really proud to be Malaysian, for 1001 reasons.

However, there's one thing that makes me sad to be Malaysians are those people who try to pull down our integrity and friendship as 1Malaysia.

Look around. Left, right, up and down. There's no problem with different color of people living together.

Before I moved to a new house, I was excited to tell people about my neighbours especially during essay writing titled "Jiran saya". I had ketupat during Raya from Aziz's family and muruku during Deepavali from Ravi's family. The best part of all, they received mandarin oranges from my family during CNY.

I remembered one night during the seventh day of CNY where my family bought a whole roasted pig for prayer, my little brother who was around 6-7 years old called Aziz.
"Aziz, aziz... mari jap".
"Ya, Leik apa hal?"
"Tengok.. babi!" while pointing to the table.
Their laughters that night, was priceless. Though, it was rude but I believe my brother was young enough to know that and I also believe that Aziz wasn't mad or angry because Aziz called his siblings to have a peep from the fence, at that pig.


What's that? It was introduced to me by the newspapers because someone made a remark about chinese going back to china and indians going back to india.

Haha. That's funny because the chinese/indians would say, malays should go back to Indonesia.


HAHAHA to those who make those stupid stataments.

It's 53th Independent Day that we are celebrating. If we are going to spend time arguing or pointing fingers to whatever races that should be going back to their original places, I'd say let's spend time focusing on the future about ways to bring our lovely country to the level where Malaysia duduk sama rendah, berdiri sama tinggi dengan negara-negara gergasi seperti America Syarikat atau Jepun. I loved this line and I used it in my essays 10 years ago but I am ashamed to say we are still very much lacked behind because of the conservative mindsets our parents / older generations having.

Some chinese (from China) asked me do I miss China and when am I going back to my home. I gave them a very sorry face and said, "I am born in Malaysia, grow up here and I'm Malaysian." I don't belonged to China, please!

I personally think that the main culprits who trying to bring up the racism issues are the politicians who try to gain their popularity by siding on certain races so that they will be fully supporting them, and the rest are history and I really really hate people who digged out 13th May as an excuse to scared the nation so that we'll be behave. Low mentality. What'd passed, let it pass and move on.

Aghhh! I feel sad everytime I read newspaper.
Natural disasters are everywhere. People die, homeless people, sick people. They are battling with God to live a day.
Our country is free from natural disasters, yet our people are not contented and fight over small issues over racism, power and etc.

Come on, please wake up and plan a better place for our children today.

I don't wish to laugh my ass off the chair or angry like fire everytime I read headlines about some stupid topics like integrity among Malaysians because I don't fucking see any problems with people living together here, right here minister!