Wednesday, September 29


Oh, so you're married last year, I asked my colleague. But you're only 27, why?
He looked at me and smiled. Well, I have money and I love her, why not?

Love, wow. Does it still exist in this world?

I don't know. I used to believe that, but as I grow older, I think that it's simply a joke.

Oh, people change. They can tell you they are madly in love with you right now, but few days later, you might see them telling other women exactly the same thing and dump you aside. I've been in this situation, I've seen many of these issues.

Love is a scary thing. Look around. Count the divorce cases around.

I thought I have overcome the fear within myself, but it seems like I have not at the moment. I was asked what's my first priority in my life recently. I looked at him, speechless and felt so useless.

I refreshed my memory and browsed through it. As if it were a book, I flipped it pages to pages and tried to find an answer to that simple question.

I don't know. But in order not to keep him waiting, I said career. I am really glad I found a great career that have a very steep development steps, but also at the same time, I am struggling to fit in that high expectation position.

I feel like running away, leave all things behind and run. Opps, shit. FUCK. It's only 2.5 months in this company and I am looking for an escape. That's not a good sign darling..!! Damn, I should just go to sleep. kthxbai


  1. very true. i had the exact same paranoia. still do. lol

  2. be positive mate! trust me, love exists! However, sometimes it's hard to distinguish if it's love or crush. Train urself well and u'll be able to see that. :) .. btw, about ur work, u got a lot to tell me... let's tell me when i'm there.. alright? hehe...

  3. no, love has never existed, and it won't ...what we have is a pretty much similar product called 'crush'...
    marriage should be built based on 'commitment' and not 'crush', coz the latter wont last...
    but marriage built based on 'commitment' is boring and tiring, so one mush pandai pandai to prolong the 'crush' period.... ;P
    so guys and gals, dun shy to sweet talk or flirt, it's a must and ur duties....

  4. Erica: Well, you and aaron are very sweet together..Keep it up babe.. :) All the best to ya.

    Davuth: davuthhhh..... are you sure, why aren't you in relationship with someone else? i believe you do love somebody. hahahha.. yea,let's talk all night long. how many days you taking for convocation leaves? when you touching down and all? Imisssssu.

    Kian: Very true. I love your philosophy. You should quit your job and be one full time.:)