Sunday, October 3

Adventurous Saturday

It was 2 in the morning. I went to bed at 12, I tossed to left and right and practically had changed thousand ways of sleeping position. I blamed it for my 12 hours of sleeping yesterday. I couldn't help it, I was tired and exhausted from my Eco Race which was organized by my company. It was the most challenging activities that I've done so far.

Gathering point was at Batu Caves, it was my very first time visitng to such a beautiful temple but it was a quite traumatic experience. Being a acrophobia myself, I was very cautious on every step I took, I made sure I hold tightly to the hand rails on my side until I reached to the peak and relief that it has ended. If you have been there before, there was another flight of staircase inside which bring you to upper level which I think it's more dangerous because it was wet. We were busy looking for the clues until I heard a lady screamed. I turned to behind and saw a lady tumbled down the wet staircase. And my, she fell from around 10 feet height before she reached the bottom of the stairs.

I was stunt. My instinct told me to run forrward to stop her from falling down, but my senses told me to stay. I worried I couldn't stop her and due to the momentum, I'd be pulled along. I worried I'd fell if I run due to the slippery floor. So, I just stood there and walked towards her. Her forehead was bleeding. I quickly took out my towel and pressed onto it. I asked her if she's ok, if she feels pain elsewhere. She looked at me and said, "I'm pregnant". I gasped. I asked her friend if I should call the ambulance. After her husband came to her, I walked to a place with better phone line. I called 999, but it didn't get through. I doubted if I should call anyway because she has to walk down the long staircases for the ambulance to reach her. My friend called me to stop calling because she's getting help from a booth in there. Feeling traumatised myself, I was extra cautious walking down the staircase.

It wasn't her careless that she fall down. It was because a kid was running down the wet staircase and couldn't stop or something that knocked onto her who was walking up. The boy was fine but poor her, I hope her baby and herself are safe and healthy.

I would like to take this chance to advice you if you're going to visit to Batu Caves. Please take good care of you and your family members especially children or elderly. Do not let them unattended because it was very slippery up there and always hold on to the handrails. These are there for a purpose.


Back to my eco race.....

After we were done with some group challenges, we proceeded with Driveabout challenge which basically driving to another destination point (Gua Damai). Along the way, we had to solve some puzzles just like tresure hunt, a short one. It was kinda hard because we weren't given tulips but some very brief instructions like "turn left... go to main road...turn left...etc". We were confused which main road they were refering about but thank god for Iphone and GMap. !!

Gua Damai is huge. There were some outsiders doing rock climbing and I was amazed by their skills.

Our next activity was jungle trekking. But in order to go to jungle behind the big rocks, we had to go through the caves. It was totally scary because it was dark and slippery inside. Even worse, no guides bringing you in. We had to complete the whole thing within 60 minutes to collect points. I thank my group members for helping and supporting me throughout the trekking because it was by far the most challenging one. We completed the trek in 1 hour, 7 minutes which was an achievement because we were the 7th group to go in and 2nd group to complete. The first 6 teams were lost in there and just managed to find their way out randomly.

Then, came the biggest challenge which was rock climbing. I did it once 5 years ago when I was working in genting (those indoor type) but now we had to do it on the real rock. Real challenge, real fear! There was 6 routes and I took the second hardest route, which was the highest among all. I only managed to touch the consolation point, which was half of it and I gave up because my legs couldn't stop shivering. LOL. Because we are only 4 in a group, 2 persons have to do twice. I asked to do the second time because I wanted to try reaching the final point which was an easier route. I climbed and tapped on the consolation point. Half way, I was out of energy but told my teammates that I wanted to give up but the belay didn't allow me to come down. He said, "a bit more to reach the top". He was right, I shouldn't give up so easily and pull all my energy to climb higher, and higher until my hand hold on the highest point of the route. When I reached ground, I thank that belay man for not giving up on me when I was giving up on myself.!

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  1. I wonder why they arranged such a dangerous event... what if something goes wrong? What if people got injured? Letting a bunch of people going into a dark cave without guidance doesn't sound good to me.. anything can happen, right? it sounds very dangerous!!

    btw, pity her! I hope she's safe and so is her baby!