Wednesday, December 22

Oh my~

I was looking at the 500+ photos that I had hard time picking those to be developed earlier this year made me realized that so much things have changed and I wondered what was in my mind that made me chose these photos. I regret I didn't manage to turn those softcopy into hardcopy because mainly things changed and I wonder if some of the photos should be developed.

The perception changed. I remember I looked fat and ugly in that particular hairstyle in that particular picture but now when I look at it again, I think I looked pretty.

The interest changed. I remember how much I enjoyed updating this blog openly and freely without giving second thoughts but now I wonder if I was sharing too much and there are readers anymore.

Haih... I was top of the world last year traveling around and enjoying my student life but ever since I started working, I feel like I have changed so much---> to behave like an adult, a working adult, to gain respect from colleagues and also how you behave reflects people's confidence for you.

Sometimes I feel like I'm back to standard 1. Well I think it's quite a good example because you're totally in a new environment without knowing anyone. I wish I could still remember how I adapted to it, how I made so many friends and still be myself. Being in a global company where you get to work from home and your colleagues or stakeholders being in a different time zone whom you do not get to see or spend time together you can't really build a great friendship from work. Not to mention, all my best friends ARE still very far apart...

Growing up is a nightmare and worse part is, it's just beginning. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ