Wednesday, January 12

Prank call

I picked up my office phone and dialed a number.

Me: Hello, may i speak to XXX?
He: Yes, I am speaking.

(He sounded doubtful which I guess he couldn't recognize my voice, hence...)

Me: I am calling from Exxon Mobil and I want to set up an interview with you.
He: Err....

I giggled. I thought now he probably realized that he's being fooled.

He: Actually I am working already. But if you need people, I can suggest my friends.
Me: Would you like to go lunch with me?
He: What? Can you repeat again please?
Me: I want to date you for lunch.
He: (Confused) Who am I speaking to?

Me: (Surrender) I'm SheaTeng lar.....
He: (@#$$^@#$!%^&%*^%)

He he he... Sorry.

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