Tuesday, January 11

Tired eyes

p/s: Picture removed coz Davuth called all the from Cambodia to tell me that I looked old.. T__T~

Yesterday I had a meeting with my customer in my office and since I planned to go for Aerobics after work, I decided not to make up to avoid having smudge eyes due to sweats which could scared people off while I drive home.

Anyway, i probably look like that yesterday or maybe with bigger or darker eyes. This morning, he nudged me on the MOC while I was enjoying my coffee..."Hey, you looked tired yesterday". The last time I met him was probably during my first week in the company, which I truly believe that I looked extremely fresh and energy. Six months later, I replied "I am. really. tired" which he replied "Ya, you really looked tired and you should use SK2."

The conversation went on about SK2 and his wife when he commented, "My wife very simple 1 and rarely make up"... which I responded "oooh... I didn't make up yesterday that's why looked tired".

He said. "Next time when you're expecting customers, please make up and don't scare them... It was scary when in the lift with you yesterday..."

Knnccb!!!! I asked him .. "I really looked that scary meh? 8o|"

That's really sad............ it's only six month into the working force and I am receiving such comments... Guess must follow Pangkor's step in using Garnier's eye bag remover roll. hahahahhahaha

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