Tuesday, February 1

Happy CNY

Chinese New Year is not about how much you have collected on that year.

Chinese New Year is not about whose dresses is better and cuter.

Chinese New Year is not about whose houses is bigger and cozier.

Chinese New Year is ABOUT ....

being together and updating each others' lives.

If it's joy, laugh together.
If it's sorrow, learned the lesson and gives solutions.

Done with updates? It's gossip time! Done with gossips? Go eat bak kua and drink shandy~~

Wish you all a prosperous and healthy Chinese New Year!!! :)

Ps: Po pi ga liao lang peng peng an an, zhu men peng an. Ama, papa, mama, jie jie, jie jie, kangleik, kai yer, kai ma, tai ka je, jiamei, yong chen, 5 chek, 5 chim, ga liao lang zor kang shun shun li li, lui eeong beh liao. ang kong, po pi wa also. :)

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