Thursday, January 27

Touching Moment.

"Kakak Ashleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", I heard some girls calling my name.

I was in Philippines. Nobody knew my name except for ..... the sweet little girls whom I have just befriended by the roadside a while ago. Outside the hotel.

I turned behind and I saw three girls sitting on the staircase under the shade from a nearby house, 2 meters away from my hotel, waving to me. They screamed "Bye bye Kakak Ashleeee!!..."

With a huge backpack, they knew I was leaving their hometown.

Then, I saw someone was running very fast... That's Iya... towards me... asking me to wait for her... I paused at where I was standing. She was holding something in her hand....

Gasping for air, she passed me something and said, "Kakak Ashlee, this is for you. I hope you will always remember me."

I was flabbergasted. I didn't know what to say.... I looked at her and smiled...and whispered "THANK YOU!". My heart says, I WILL, and I hope you will too.

She turned and ran back towards her friends.

My friend asked me what have I did/said to them while he was taking his shower? It's probably 10 minutes long and this sweet girl giving me a pressie hoping that I won't forget her...

I thought for a while and I smiled.

Allyssa, Iya, Jed, Jannah and Me~

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