Saturday, April 2


Another 17 days, it marks my first anniversary.

352 days ago, I was an innocent young lady who knew nothing about you but I was willing to learn and adapt. Flexibility, that's my strongest point and I know you picked me for that. Well, as time passed by, I am sorry that I ditched you for another you. Sounds complicated, anyway that doesn't really matter anymore because I don't think we would not be separated in the nearest time, I doubt if we would, unless something unexpectedly comes up.

You have no idea how much you've changed me ever since, for good and for bad.

You showed me the world that we're together. You taught me to think and act wisely. You showered me with money. You fed me with delicious food. You gave me the freedom to walk my own thoughts and allow me to led the way. Thank you.

But, you also showed me the ugly truth. You threw tantrum when I couldn't satisfy your desire. You chased me when I took too long to show up. You showed me your dirty laundry and expect me to clean the shit up. Sometimes you just made me feel so useless, stupid and at times like this I doubt if we ever meant to be together.

I thought of leaving you, but the feelings of losing you was unbearable I scrapped that off immediately. Remember I ditched you before and how I came back to you again? I wouldn't know what I'll be / how my life will be without you in my life... Oh, Career, I love you and I hope you will love me unconditionally and give me more money and satisfaction!

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