Sunday, March 20

Slow drivers please keep to your left lane, please

Speeding doesn't always mean BAD and slow doesn't always mean GOOD especially with you driving on the FAST LANE.!!!! I mean come on dude, what the fuck are you sticking to the fast lane when you're driving at 40, 50 or 60km/h when the left lane is free?

That's annoying. Don't they know that "Ikut kiri jika tidah memotong?" translate for you lar... stick to left lane if you're not overtaking any cars... simpler, if slow, keep left lar...... You're the main reason for causing so huge traffic on the street just because you thought that, "I am taxpayer, i deserve to drive wherever I am and i think i'm fast enough to be on the right lane"... "Oh, slow means safe, let me block the rest of the cars so that they will keep the right speed."... Your inconsiderate action causes trouble and maybe accidents when people have no choice but to overtake you from the left! which is illegal because people should overtake slow cars on the right lane.....

Be sure of which lane you want to drive. Do not sway to left or right and worse, drive in between both lanes. Hello, even if you own the road, you're not suppose to do so! Make up your mind, stick to one lane lar.... and please, please use your indicators, give signals to which direction you'd want to go. People don't read your mind dude!

P/S: If you're the first car on the right lane and there are cars behind you who have the ability to go faster than you, GIVE SIGNAL to your left and give ways to the cars to avoid cars queuing behind you JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU'RE SUPER FAST...!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. if only u change from 'left' to 'right', then it can apply here as well.. hehe...