Thursday, June 30

The most life threatening experience

When I was around 8 or 9, my parents brought me to zoo. I was loitering around and I was standing in front of the crocodile farm. There were 7 - 8 of them, lazying around, under the hot afternoon. They were static and I thought they were just toys and they looked so cute for me.

I looked around and saw there was a small hole near the bushes where I was standing. The fence was cut off or something and I managed to crawl into it. I walked slowly towards the crocodiles.

I heard my name was called, that was my mummy. She was asking me to come out immediately. I remembered my dad said he was going to get the zoo keeper or someone for help.

I turned around and saw one crocodile was walking towards me, the pace was getting faster. I quickly ran back towards the little hole. My mum was instructing me to run in zig-zag manner and so I did.

I managed to crawled out and ran into my mum's arms and cried. The zoo keeper arrived immediately and tried to seal the fence back.

That, was my life threatening experience. What about yours?


  1. if u were not lucky back then, perhaps u didn't get to live to talk about this tale.. hehe... bad kid!!!

  2. wao, izzit that true?