Thursday, June 30

Proud Findings

I was playing with and I came across a piece of proud achievement during high school, the St. John. I must say I had the best committee team in the world because we worked really hard and we supported one another without fail, except for some bitchy moments where we pulled each others' hairs. Haha, joking.

I remembered we were the head, hands and legs(so much of the kaki tangan) for the club. We sapu-ed and did everything for everyone. The immediate seniors and club advisor weren't that helpful and were quite a big bully. Well, we learned the hard way and look at where we are right now. All looking successful and doing perfectly well. No challenge is a challenge anymore as we are the eagle soaring up above the sea.

Well, I think the best achievement so far is the State's First Runner Up for the team and State's Best Leader Award for myself. Believe it or not, that's the biggest motivator in my life up until now. I think most of our lives wouldn't be the same if we did not join St John, well that's the road not traveled. The other side might be better, the same, or worse, but it doesn't matter if you are contented with what you had, having and would be having.


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