Friday, July 29

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend. I told hom i'm feeling quite lost and i want to search myself back again. To be who i really am, in a way trying to find the old me back. The one who is forever so carefree...

He said: why are you looking backwards... Trying to be old you again? Human should be looking forward and shape who you want to be. Learn from the past, history and experience and change!

I was surprised by his remarks. He is right. Why would i want to search the old self when i have the full authority to mould myself to the person that i think i'd be happy being.

All in all... I realize human tends to hold back to the past.

Based on my observations i realize i have a very strong resistance to could be a good thing but i feel it weights more bad than good for myself.

I need to be listen and act upon the comments and criticsm that are given... Finger crossed..


  1. Am I changed? Changed into how? I'm willing to listen.;)