Monday, July 25

Stranger Again

Strangers Again
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For those who have not watched this video, it's about two strangers who met and hooked up. Extremely sweet and lovely during the honeymoon period, not-so-sweet and started to take each other for granted when the honeymoon dies off. In the end, both broke up and degraded from lover to acquaintance and lastly... strangers again.

It's a complete cycle, the scariest cycle.

In the past, I couldn't understand and chose not to believe that it is meant to be a cycle. I tried to revive it again and again because for as long as the affection exist, I thought there would be a miracle. Boy, I was wrong.

What about the perfectly, happily married couples? I reckon it must be the perfect timing. Before the cycle were going to reach bottom, they tied a knot to it and re-flow the whole cycle in their wedding bands which is called the eternity loop.

Finally, I feel extremely good seeing the lights after so many years trapped in the dark, cold, miserable tunnel. :)

It's not really that bad, you know. Take a step back and enjoy the summer breeze.

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