Friday, July 1

Push harder

In another 15 days it gonna mark my first year in Shell. What the f. Just O-N-E year? I thought I have been working for years. It must be the long-working-hours-compensated-by-flexible-working-hours-and-ability-to-work-from-home.

Within this period, I traveled to... on...

1. Bangkok (Oct 10)
2. Miri (Oct 10)
3. The Philippines (Mac 11)
4 Korea (Feb 11)
5. Kota Kinabalu (May 11)
6. Singapore (June 11)

That's average of 1 travel trip every 2 months which is very much helpful in relaxing my mind and releasing the level of stresssss.

I have just changed role and I am all alone this time. I need to pick up new skills set all over again, understanding the new businesses and people. Setting another new set of expectations and living on par with it, if not higher.

Shea Teng, do not lose the momentum... keep on moving... you're there, almost there.

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