Wednesday, September 28


Went to a basketball court after work. It was an impromptu visit and I wasn't prepared but I grabbed a ball and played. In long jeans and cardigan there I shot, jumped and skipped.

Perception. People next court playing netball must thought I'm nuts. Oh did I tell you I was wearing slippers too?

I never bothered.

Too much air and the ball was extremely bouncy. I counted, 4 out of 10 scored only.

At that moment, I blamed it the bounciness. On second thought i realized that I must be able to adapt to whichever circumstances in order to survive and be success.

Because at the end of the day, people only remember names, not how they succeeded. At the end of the day, if you fail, people will despise you because you definitely blamed it on the bounciness of the ball, your sandal, your long jeans, your cardigan, netball player.... Everything but yourself.

Ego, could you please be humble?

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