Friday, September 23

Quarter life misery

I was happily working for a year. The money is good if not great. The program I am in is what most of the fresh graduates dying to get in. Very great and planned development within the timeframe with overflowing attention and priority. I thought I was the luckiest person. That was my goal before I finished my degree.

I was working happily for a year and I thought I am gonna be millionaire. I was enthusiast, wanting to outperform my other peers, needing so much to prove to my interviewers that they made the right choice, well, I was not given any option but to remain competitive.

Up to a point I see myself questioning. What the heck am I doing?

We have 365 days a year. 24 hours a day. Time is gold and it doesn't wait for you and I whether we are happy or sad. Last year I was 23 and going to be 25 next year. We may live up to 70 years old. Malaysians retire at 55. Love it or not we work for 30 years, more or less.

We spend freaking 2-3 years in preschool, 11 years in school and 5 years in university. That's past. Something that we did due to conformity and we're not involved in the decision making.

Now one thing that we can change is our future.

I told my sisters I plan to quit my job to work for NGO. Their jaws dropped, almost touching their chests. They said one word, "crazy!".

I couldn't agree more and sometimes I think I am pulling my own legs. However, I am hearing little voice, whispering near my ears, "Ashlee, you know you wanted something else".

Yes I do.


  1. and then what is your final decision? I'll support u whatever decision u r going to make. It's about following ur heart...

  2. i like your blog,a ambitious lady=]keep it up=]

  3. Asley try read rich dad poor dad. Good for brainwashing. haha. If malas nak baca download audio book. Me also feel the same, want to quit job and do something i wanted. U jadi business women la ashley. haha