Wednesday, September 7

Stranger again

I sat by the window overlooking the field. All of my classmates were out there playing, screaming and chasing one another. I was alone in the class as it was the Physical Education slot. The course that I hated the most because I can't walk, I can't run. I can't skip. Everyone laughed, teased and made fun of my wheelchair.

My right leg was amputated in an accident which sent my mother to heaven when I was little. Thereafter, I stayed at the children home supported by government during the weekdays and could only go back to home during the weekends because my dad had to do multiple odd jobs to save enough money for my surgery which would allow me to walk again.

"No! I don't want to go back. I rather die here than to go back to hell! Let me stay here with you", I screamed and pleaded to that familiar face that I have known since I was born. I was struggling to escape away from his powerful grip.

Suddenly, I felt the grip was released and he collapsed on to the ground. I stood there for a while collecting my senses. His face was as pale as ghost and his lips turned blue. I quickly grabbed him and tried to wake him up by calling his name.

"Daddy! Daddy. Please wake up. I am sorry. Please... please... please wake up..."
But it was too late, he died of heart attack.

A few weeks later after the funeral, Jane, the social worker who took care of me called up and told me that my father's insurance and his savings were enough for the operation, that could make me walk again.

The weather is perfect today. The sky is blue and the clouds are white and right here, I am standing in front of my parents' cemetery. I could feel tears rolling down my pinkish cheek and I feel good. I am standing again because of the hard work my dad had been working that caused him the heart attack due to exhaustion.

I feel like I am a stranger to myself again.

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