Monday, September 12

Must be Monday Blues

I am listening to this Lauren Alaina: Like my Mother Does (piano version) as I am typing this. The room is messy and I haven't removed my make up.

It is Mooncake Festival tonight. I lose in the pool tournaments earlier. I hate myself for not being able to focus on one particular subject at a given time. My mind was wondering around. It always happens. Same goes to my meeting with my bosses, traveling around, hiking the hills, eating curry mee, etc etc. I always wanted to be elsewhere, I always wanted to do something else. I always thought of something else. I hate I won't focus. Is the subject bored me or it's just my nature that I can't focus? I hope it's the latter.

Back to the festival where people unite and celebrate. I remember I used to lit up the candles on the gates and hung my beautiful butterfly lantern around the house. The moon was round and bright. I spent time with the siblings and cousins, fighting for the last piece of the mooncake. I wonder how the rest of the family members spending tonight? It's a shame everyone is so scattered around.

I had my dinner at the office. A packed rice from the lunch and learn. Alone. Most of my colleagues went home. They had dinner plans or was busy boiling water to make chinese tea. Some of them were having BBQ party. Myself? I lost in two rounds of pool and I was eating alone at the pantry, waiting for 9p.m meeting.

Sometimes, I wonder what I am wasting my time in this company. I don't enjoy what I am doing and everyday I am waiting for 20th. It's the cheque day. I also wonder why am I keeping half of my money away for rainy days, for future.

What happens tomorrow is a mystery. Weird. Strange! Nobody knows but everyone saves for tomorrow.

Well, I am doing perfectly well here. Just feeling a little emotional. Must be the monthly thing. That's the best thing being females. We blame almost everything on the 28th days cycle.

And I am tired of waiting. I'm going to bed now. Good night world. Cheers another 8 days to 20th! Oh, maybe this month it's earlier... 3 days earlier I hope!


  1. that's the best thing being female? hehe... first time ever I heard such a positive thing... :D

  2. everyone hoping for a better future, that's why we save for tomorrow! Even is a mystery tomorrow but it will be a better tomorrow anyway.