Thursday, January 12

Tiring tiring

So far my 2012 has been pretty tiring. Probably the last in my floor that left office every day and there is no night calls yet. Sometimes I like the peaceful environment which I could focus better. But sometimes I question myself.

Why work so hard?

I hope it's because I'm still capable and taking more things on my plate than to think otherwise.

Maintaining a Ldr ain't easy. Most of the time spent on talking over the phone, face timing each other. It's pretty like having a business meetings except there's no moving video involved.

Working in this company prohibits me from having a real engagement with people. Lost of human touch. If you like all these extra friendship you gotta join other social activities. Damn!

Ok, I was writing this useless post because I was stranded outside my Sis house and she is back home. My SOS, my savior! Adios chao

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