Wednesday, April 25


This is a special year for me whereby my age is equal to my birthdate. So yes, I have just turned 25 today on 25th April. once in a lifetime. :)

I must say my 547500 hours so far on this planet is a roller coaster journey. I know you might be nodding away. Life IS a roller coaster ride. The only differentiator is which roller coaster you are on and what do you do when you are downhill or uphill!

I'm perfectly grateful for everything I have so far except for one person in my life.
I don't understand how on earth is he still living on this planet. I believe in action and consequence. It may be wrong for me to question his existence but it's not right for him to behaving like an animal going around hurting and disappointing all of the people who love and care for him. It is definitely UNETHICAL for him to continue to torture all of us, the innocents. I just hope that all these sufferings will come to an end very soon. I wish i could share everything in this space but I feel I'd be ashamed.

I need to learn to steer my vehicle during the downhill better and maintain my speed during uphill so to capture the happiness moments.

:):):):) I need to be happy on my birthday. Thank you for wishes and I'll be announcing something interesting very soon! I'll be busy observing my little lilies to bloom in these two days. :):):):)


  1. happie buftday sweetie...
    may all the happiness follow u alwiz...

  2. Happy birthday and I'm only 24 this 29th April hahahahahahahaha

  3. oh gosh!!! m so late to say this :(.. hope u dun mind...

    happy birthday to u, mate!