Friday, August 3

Virgin experience of...

...buying flowers online to my beloved man!

Last Wed, it was my beloved fiance's birthday. It was our first celebration together virtually and I really want to make it special for him. Although we are thousand miles apart, it will not be my excuse / reason for not celebrating with him. Remember when there's a will, there's a way! :)

I got to know my friend was at Beijing for a business trip that week, I was so thrilled I thanked God for the right timing. I quickly contacted him to seek for his help. My plan was to get him to engage a local florist to deliver fresh roses to his hotel on his birthday. However he said he can't as he has difficulty in speaking mandarin / engaging with the locals. I was so disappointed and upset because I know he could speak mandarin. Well, I can't force him if he is not comfortable / willing to. As mentioned, I believe I will find a better way to carry out my plan.

Yes, I heard you asking. Hence, I quickly search for "beijing florist delivery" and ta da, i found this online florist.I was surprised that their English version is simple and easy to navigate around. I especially love that they offer so many products from fruit baskets to flowers to cakes to wine! Their website also allows you to search based on occasions, flower types, prices (some more got discount items!) etc etc. I spent hours looking for the best gifts for him because I had hard time deciding what to buy for him. 

At first, I thought of getting him a cake so that he could make wishes. Besides, everyone has cake on his birthday. Then I changed my mind because I worry he might get more upset having to eat the whole cake alone. (so considerate. huah)

Then, I wanted to get him a bottle of wine. Quickly changed my mind because having to drink alone is so saddening.

Aha moments kick in. I should get him a teddy bear so that he could keep him accompanied in China and colorful fresh flowers so that it gives him fresh air and lit up the dull looking apartment. LOL. To symbolize my love for him, I added in a heart shaped Ferrero Rocher. :)

Combination of three LOVE symbols.

Filled in the forms, decided on when and what time (5-7pm) of delivery and paid via Google Wallet. After that, I was very excited and can't wait for the day to come. It was my first time buying flowers and it was his first time receiving flowers too. Is this how you feel everytime you buy flowers for your beloved?

Besides, I had doubts about their quality and not sure if they are reliable or not. Fortunately, everything turned out better than what I have expected and they arrived at the right time too. THANK YOU!

All in all, I am glad he loves the gifts and surprises. I shall thank my friend too for the great experience. I wouldn't have done this if he were able to help me out. So guys, do not get terrible mad if someone says NO to you because believe me, there are great opportunity / learning before every challenge. :)

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