Wednesday, August 8

do NOT think of a pink elephant

Everybody believes that human brain is very powerful and it is the CEO, CIO and CFO of the body. It coordinates and controls just everything even when we're asleep. However, the untold truth is that it is mind-bogglingly stupid.

Believe me when I ask you now NOT to think of a pink elephant… hey, I said do not think of that pink elephant, however the only object in your mind is nothing but a cute pink elephant.

See, that's what I'm saying. It's a simple message yet our brain couldn't follow accordingly. If it is smart, you would have think of elephant in the shade of green, yellow, blue, any color but pink. Why? Simply because I used the word “Not”.

According to Michael Losier who wrote the book of Law of Attraction, he said that there are two types of negative affirmations. The first one is when the adverb “not” is used in a sentence such as “I am not stupid” and secondly where the entire phrase display a negative attitude such as “I am Stupid

It is important to stay away from these negative thoughts especially the one with the word “NOT” because it causes one to focus on the thing that they do not want to have such as ugly, fat and old or that pink elephant.

I was on a bus on my way home last week and behind me there was this cute boy who was playing iPhone. Soon after, the boy started to kick my seats repeatedly until my blood started to boil and when it hits 101 degree Celsius, I turned around and saw his mother was busy ‘cam-whoring”. I said, can you stop your kid from doing so and she quickly scolded the boy, “you see, aunty is angry already. I told you not to kick but you still kick. Quickly say sorry and don’t kick anymore.

The boy said sorry in the guilty tone but he continued kicking -.-" When adults like us can't help thinking of that pink elephant when we're asked otherwise, how could the boy is able to get the message to physically stop kicking? Aha, now you know why "don't run | don't scream | don’t watch TV | don’t be late" will not work because your sending the wrong information.
The remedy is easy. You must have a positive thinking. When you're positive, you are able to choose the right, positive words in our thoughts and conversations. Simple, right? You think and say things that you only want it to happen.

I should have asked you to picture a typical grey elephant chewing on a yellow sugarcane instead. As for the vain mother, she could tell his son, "Stop. Legs on the the floor and sit straight. Instead of stupid, SAY I am smart and confident. Hey, nobody can measure the level of our IQ unless we take the test and share it on facebook.

Now, you should realize our brain actually works in a simple way beautifully, and the key to everything is on your hand. All you could do is to start develop that positive attitude if you haven't already done so then say positive things that you want it to happen. You will see the magic. When you are feeling less positive, remember that pink elephant I told you or this:
A baby mosquito came back after its 1st flight. Dad asked how did he feel and he replied, "Dad it was wonderful. Everyone was clapping for me".

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