Friday, November 9



Three guys next table stood up nervously and walked towards the sound curiously.

I wonder what happened, it sounded like someone has just fall down.

Indeed, it's true. I saw a fat uncle lying on the floor...seems to have pass out, unconsciously. His face was pale.

At that moment, I thought he has died, he didn't seem to breath.

I panicked.

Subconsciously, I walked towards him wanting to do the DRCABC - Danger, Response, Airway, Breathing, CPR- what I have learned in my 4 years in St John Ambulance and Champion in First Aid State Competition back in 2002.

Then, I stopped and walked backwards because 3 things:-
1. I do not own a valid First Aider card and my knowledge may be obsolete.
2. I have fear, what if, he has stopped breathing. Will I do CPR?
3. I afraid I looked silly doing these procedures.

I, then quickly took out my phone to dial 999, that's the best choice I think. Leave it to the professionals.

However, he gained consciousness and two restaurant workers tried to make him sit.

I was like, Noooo ... what if he had neck fracture or what ... but it's too late, his upper body has been lifted up. Pheww, means no neck fracture. -.-""

I tried to talk to him and calm him down.

I asked if he felt pain anyway.
I asked if he wanted to go hospital.
I told him not to worry.

(Now, as I am typing this I realize I should have asked what's his name instead. -.-")

After awhile, he got better and the restaurant owner was attending to him. I think he is alright and I leave him with the care of the owner.

I hope he is doing alright and will seek medical consultation as soon as possible because he spat blood. :(

When I was about to leave, the owner thanked me and said the uncle didn't recall what happened but I think the floor was slippery.

If you are reading this, walk carefully especially in this rainy season and also take care and advice the elderly at home to walk slowly too. :)

p.s:// Perhaps it's time for me to renew my first-aid certification.

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