Tuesday, December 4

SBSC Fashion's Night Out

Exactly two weeks ago was the SBSC Annual Appreciation Dinner and the theme is "Fashion's Night Out". The theme was very vague but yet simple enough for John and Jane to simply choose their best dress from their wardrobes.

In conjunction with the dinner, my friends and I took part in the "Dance Showdown" video competition, basically need to take a video of us dancing and the most liked submission will win and be announced during the dinner. For that video shooting, we were dressing up in retro, probably 1970's era with flora skirts and bunny hairband. So we think why not just go to Annual Dinner in retro's fashion as well. Will blog about that video contest later in a separate post.

Since then, I spent a few days and nights doing research about what to wear, make up, hair do and stuff. The more I research, the more I fall in love with the fashion. Simply elegant. Love their make up and hair do. Wonder how they sleep with that without ruining it or having to restyle it the next day. 

One day before the event, I went hunting for my retro dress in Sunway Piramid without much hope. Last minute shopping usually end up with some rubbish or not buying anything. But I was very lucky that day. I stepped into Kitschen and loitering around. Grab a few dresses which I think may be suitable and then I saw this yellow dress with open cut behind, very cute and I thought I won't be able to pull off looking pretty. Oh boy, I was wrong. The moment I put on that dress, it fits me perfectly like specially made for me. *perasan mode on. Hehe. Paid then left the shop, never feel so happy before...

That evening, did my own make up and I had so much fun applying layers and layers of eye liner and drag the end longer to make the dramatic effect. Looks like cat's eyes here. Then I tied my hair and off I went to hair salon to do my hair.

Camwhoring while waiting for my turn, didn't realize I was actually posing like her and guess what my hair that night was something like hers too. "the power of attraction". Gosh!

Initially wanted to just blow my hair and put on a big hairband like the pic above, then as I was slipping the magazine, I saw this beautiful model with bigass ribbon on her head and I said, "wow this looks cool" and the hair stylist said, "I CAN DO IT WITH YOUR HAIR".

I was like, you sure my hair length can do ribbon??? I have seen many bloggers like Cheesie done it before and I never knew I could do the same. *watery eyes*. wtf. Really can do! He even touch up my make up to have BIGGER and MORE dramatic eyes. However, I prefer mine than this curled up eye liners like cow's horns.

Which one do you prefer? Before or after?

We were fashionably late for the dinner and when we were seated, the event has already started. HSSE has been briefed and I think the SBSC GM was giving her speech. >.<. Then, two guys walked over and asked for my user id and email. Initially I thought if that was a spot check because he asked if I am a staff or a contractor. Then, I realize it's for Best Dressed submission. I was panicking the whole night and I was thinking if I were to go all out to win the prize or be the opposite.

Then I was called on stage and asked to do a catwalk. I was the last one to do it and I have the opportunity to observe. The first four stunning, beautiful ladies were doing very well in very behaved manner then I know if I wanted to win I need to go crazy. There I was putting up my hands to engage with my crowds as if it was my concert. The spot light was so bright I couldn't really see who were on the floor and that gave me better confidence. At last, I was the winner for Best Dressed Female Category. *peace sign. It's reaaally a good experience!
Best dressed Male and Female
I shall end this post with this picture of the crazy colleagues/buddies of mine who made meme masks. When our dance group was announced the winner, we walked up the stage covering our faces with these masks.


Any problem?

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  1. and that's best male dress? wahahahahaha... for real??? hahahaha....

    p.s. u really know how to enjoy ur life.. :D