Saturday, April 2

April Fool!

How's your day? Have you been fooled today? Well, this year I managed to fool some of my friends and colleagues...nothing serious just some stupid pranks. Enjoy! 

#1st Prank: 
Me: Eh, I heard you transferring to Kerteh? 
KAS: Yea, leaving next week. 
Me: Wow, that's fast. Let's meet up tonight. 
KAS: You are back in MAS? Let me ask my wife.
Me: April fool! I am not back yet. 

#2nd Prank:
Me: Oi
ZP: What?
Me: Jom meet up. 
ZP: OK, jom. nasi lemak SS. Only you know the direction.
Me: Sure, you pick me up OK?
ZP: So far? You take train here la I pick you.
Me: Mai la... I very lazy want to drive and train so expensive.
ZP: OK la, I come pick you up. 
At 6.30A.M Houston time, I got a call from ZP. I was half asleep and I texted him
Me: Oi, April fool lah, I am still in the US.
ZP: Bodoh
(I feel bad and I hope he did not drive to Cyberjaya to pick me.....)

#3rd Prank:
Me: Khin, check your phone. I texted you something very important.
Khin: OKOK.
Khin: I didn't get any message..?
Me: April Fool...
Khin: WTF..

#4th Prank:
Me: Eh Jingle, check your phone, I texted you something urgent.
Jing: OK. Eh, no message pun?
Me: April foolll....
(after a while I decided to sign off and go offline)
Jing: What the f.... You very funny (over text)

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