Sunday, January 10

Thank you 2015 and bring it on 2016!

Finally, sitting here quietly at a corner of the Taipei Air lounge updating my blog. In writing this post, I had to open up my calendar to remind and refresh my memory of what had happened in 2015. In this fast pace world, sometimes you just have to stop and give your blessings and say a little thank you. As I look back, I got to say 2015 is the best year in my life. Although it is not always smooth sailing, but I at least I've learned so much from the sad parts yet always grateful with the better opportunities. So here it goes:

Love and Marriage:
2015: Still happily in love and loved. I am super grateful that he is even more expressive in showing how much he loves and cares for me. I am always in his prayer and in his planning. Always make sure that I am constantly happy.

We get stronger and closer in Houston because of the free time we have to constantly communicate and doing things together, grocery shopping, cooking and washing (I cook, he wash), cycling, traveling, etc. I thank God for this because it means so much for me. I also very grateful that he did not leave me alone when I get emotional and always manage to scoop open my golden mouth and asking me to open up my feelings and thought.

2016: I hope God will continue to bring us closer  and bless us with kids when the time is right.

2015: I don't know where to begin. It is super good year for me.

  • Jan: Because of re-structuring in my previous position, I applied 2 roles; #1 is a sales role which I've always wanted to do because I think I have the right ability and experience as a business consultant- profit center where budget is aplenty and #2 is a strategic role and a higher job group, sort of a progression of the previous role of a demand planner but a cost center, means limited budget for anything fancy. I couldn't decide which role I like or more passionate. As usual, I just let God decide for me. wtf. Well, I was first offered role #2 and asked to make quick decision. Under time pressure, I accepted it. Yeay, a promotion and a global role. High visibility. Perfect for me. But I wasn't happy. I don't know why. Is it because I wanted sales role more or I am worry to inform sales manager as I have been constantly telling him I wanted to join his team. I became more stressful wtf. I had to inform the sales manager about my decision and guess what? I cried as I told him my decision. He was disappointed with my answer and asked me one question, "Are you happy?". He felt my decision was conflicted with what I have been telling him so far (want to be in sales team). I said yes and became super duper down afterwards. Later that day, I received multiple call and text messages from him and marketing manager (who is also my mentor). He told me if I changed my decision, there won't be repercussion as HR manager is in informed. Wah wah wah... to cut the story short, i changed my decision and become Sales Indirect account manager starting 1st March. 
  • I learned so much as a sales indirect account manager. There are 3 distributors who are under my account. Two in their 60s and another one is mid 30s but I learned so much from three of them. Super grateful that they not only teach me so much, but also treat me like their closed friends. I see them like my dad, and I wished my dad is more like them. Family person who shoulder great responsibility to provide the best for family. Mmmm, let's just say I like them very much and even gave me confidence, motivation and support that I ever needed. 
  • In Aug, LK told me he'd be offered a role in Houston. OMG. I will definitely join him. I think I've story about this episode in previous post. Again, super grateful to be blessed with great opportunity. 
  • In summary, I had a super great career life and meet so many good people internally and externally. Of course there are some jerks around but I rather keep all happy and good memories only. :D
2016: I am loving this new role as well. Besides the usually deliveries, I will improve on my communication skills and strategic thinking skills which I need improvement so badly but I am confident that I'll master them at the end of the year. I will also be making presentations at the global summit next week in Shenzhen. Super looking forward towards it.

2015: First half of the year I focused on improving my PCOS condition - done some screening, blood and hormone testing, etc and taken prescribed medicines (metformin and oral contraceptive). After a while, I stopped all medication altogether because it is contradicted with my pregnancy plan. I wanted to be able to conceive but I won't if i continue with the medications. Also, I think I will able to make the symptoms better if I can just stop stressing out and eat healthy and exercise. But it didn't get any better, my weight continue to increase and max I hit 61KG and I get more stress when people started to comment on my physical appearance. WTF. Anyhow, after LK left to US, I became very determined. I bought 4KG kettlebell and started working out at home. I make it a point to do it everyday - I even bring it around with me when I travel for work. I feel great after sweating out. I feel happy. I am proud of myself for making a change and in no time, I will feel comfortable with my own body.

2016: I wish my body is fit for pregnancy and becomes stronger and leaner. I learn to believe that the numbers on the scale doesn't matter as long as I feel happier and

In summary, I really think it's been a great 2015 that I becomes stronger emotionally and hope to be able to develop passion in reading or eager for new knowledge in 2016. I am ready, bring it on 2016.

Happy New YEar