Tuesday, April 12

Weekends at Houston

Went cycling again yesterday but this time I pancit.
Feel so weak and tired. Not sure if it's because:

1. Strong headwinds
2. Tyre has low air - not at its peak performance
3. Too full from lunch
4. Just lazy

Hahaha, I think the answer is... 5. All of above. 
We had a delicious dinner last Saturday
Introducing the lovely #chefs: Mei Ching and I 
Mei prepared #charsiew #bbqpork. Super yummy and the fat melts in your mouth! Salivating just thinking of it.

She also prepared wantan / dumpling. Half fried and half soup. 
Meanwhile I prepared #hainanchickenrice. The chicken is well cook but taste blunt this round. Not sure why. How to get consistent taste ah?

But this time round, I think the rice is yummy.
While the wives cook, the husbands drinking beers and chatting away on the recent their recent trips, work, economics and etc. #guys

I was rather quiet as busy concentrating on my cooking. Besides quite conscious of what to talk on those serious topics.
Woah, look at the food on table, char siew, bak zham kai, roasted duck (tapao), wantan, watercress soup and toast with white wine! Feeling atas and all!!

Occasionally #milky will come and say hello and try to jump up to the bench...
#puppyeyes but no climbing. Haha
Omg, this is bomb! I don't know what it's called but it's delicious. Great combination. Basically just two biscuits kiap melted chocolate (Hershey) and marshmallow. Ravi microwave them to melt them. When you bite, still crunchy and chocolate melts. Then you have to liu using your finger and lick. Gross but damn satisfying...
Lastly, we played #chortaitee. Ravi is new to this game but he picks up so fast I think he won the most but I won the last game. Nice hand with 3 tees with me.

It's been so long since I player card. Eh, I lied. I did when we were on cruise last month. 
Thank you #dayreteam for resetting my password. Finally able to blog on my phone where I have full access to my photos. In the past, I only have dayre on my iPad but troublesome to transfer photos and eventually lost interest to blog. Dayre user: @ashleetan

Stroll around the condo's park with hubby and took this dandelion. Soooo soft and pretty. 

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