Tuesday, March 28

March 2017

Hello from Malaysia. It has been 5 months since I came back from Houston. Time flies I know! It's coming to end of March now.

I am doing part time MBA right now with Monash Uni, KL campus while working full time. I am grateful that my boss is so understanding that he only gives me one project to manage so I could focus on my studies at the same time. Thank God for such a supportive environment. Therefore it is actually quite fun to have evening classes twice a week and spend weekend with a bunch of people who share the same goal. I think this is a good investment since knowledge is power and it gives you confident in things that you do.

Well, I have been doing a lot of reflections as well, thanks to the class and I am having this question again. The question that I asked myself after joining the company which I didn't have an answer to. Fast forward 7 years later, here I am asking myself - am i suitable to work in the big corporations. What's my passion? What strengths do i have?

My sister has started her own business selling granola. I am really proud of her as she perseveres and fully committed to it. She's now doing her own "diet" to promote her products. Wish her well in the business and hope it takes off well. I am excited at what she's brewing in the space of entrepreneurs.

My husband is in the process of relocating to Miri, a small town in Sarawak. Ideally, I am also trying to move in with him after my MBA completed. All is good except that there is not many jobs that I can take. That kind of gives me opportunity to explore outside the workplace. Maybe I will find my passion or something that I enjoy doing. Help to expand my sister's business or set up my own consultant firm. Hopefully I am blessed with our own children by then so I can also get busy taking care of them.

OMG, Yoke Hoon and KahYee have given birth this month! Baby Hansen and Baby Elizabeth- time flies again! and LaiYee is also expecting. WeiWei is doing much better after her chemo and operations and recovering. I really happy that all of my besties are so contented with their own lives. The next gathering we will need baby chairs! wuaaa wuaa wuaaa. so cute.

I am glad that things are progressing well so far and I am well taken care of. Hopefully god continue to provide and bless us with good health and happiness. 


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