Sunday, May 6

Feeling Better

since the last post.

Things have been going well, or at least I am no longer affected by small little things anymore. It's crazy how it is really like an emotional roller coaster in the span of 45 days. I really hope I did not upset too many people along the way. I know my husband would be affected but I think he's coping very well and have been very supportive and be by my side throughout the down period.

Upon reflections, I think I healed because my husband gave me assurance that he'll support me for whatever decision I want to make in life, including quitting the job. There are really differences in attitude or mindset between knowing you have a choice to say "screw you, I quit" and "i'm screwed, I can't quit". It is some kind of good freedom. A back up knowing you can fell back anytime without worries.

Is that why the rich getting richer?
Financially so excess where they can just hop on to try new ventures or business, making the right decision without worrying if they can't put food on the table tomorrow?

I healed because I found passion at my current work scope and if I could just have all the freedom to make steer this work piece, managing partner on my own that would be superb.

Because there are many people who just like to implement theory, concept and deploy buzz words without knowing the purpose of it, or whether these will add value to the process. One thing for sure, it definitely make you sound smart.

Agile, Sprint, Daily Stand Up, MVP,...and API between 20+ systems can be done in pretty fast in less than 2 months? Good luck dude.

Well, perhaps I was wrong. But it doesn't matter, just focus on the delivery of the product that I truly believe it will add value and be differentiated in the business, that's all that matter...until I found a bigger purpose of life or the company think that my service is due. Until then, cheers! 

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