Tuesday, March 17

Day 8 : Ho Chi Minh City

You know what, i found out that the main issue that leads to my emo emo yesterday was......at the bottom of this post. :)

Nha Trang - HCMC = 12 hours of bus ride. But the coolest thing on earth was, the bus was occupied by only 7 people including the four of us. So we monopoly the whole stretch of "bed". At first we occupied the upper one, but then it's too bumpy and i felt like puking, so we shifted down. But downstairs also quite bumpy, but too tired to move all the bigAss bags, bottles of waters and smelly shoes around from point A to point B and then Point C. Can't imagine meh? you want me to blog about the sleeping bus or not?

Notre Dame Cathedral Ho Chi Minh City
the back of it actually.
The front of it.
Please click The history to know more of the history.
you know what, the traffic here is better, and people actually follow the thumb of rule.
Red = STOP
Yellow = Speed SLOWING DOWN
Green = Move
got zebra cross also.
so, you can lengang kanan and kiri while crossing the streets.
so while waiting for GREEN light, you can rest by the roadside.
Walked many (guity road) yun wong lou.
Instead of 500m, we walked for 3 * 500m
because the whole structure is square.
please be imaginative.
Laiyee staring at the notes, hoping for it to double up.
but not working, coz she isn't magician.
Finally Siewloong get to eat his KFC after so loooong.
we're treating the USD 1 note as if it's RM10.
don't know why we have this perception.
padahal only RM3.50.
so, we fought like hell during bargaining.
for that one USD1 lesser.
Yeah, KFC. :)
see the kong long face.
See the knife on her hand!
LY guiding HC's food
He went to post office to post some postcards.
you get what i mean?

Jack and Rose ;)
the post office building behind us.
kinda big and nice structure isn't it?
btw, where is the post office in KL?This man came to us, telling us to be extra careful with our cameras.
While crossing the streets and all.
He came to Vietnam from china when he was a teenager.
but he is not earning much for him to return to his home.
deep down, i knew he wanted so much to go home.
Hope you are able to do so, one day.
The keropok lady, the keropok in front of the kindergarden.

the motorcyclist still dominant in the street.
HC trying out the vietnamese hat in the Benh Tanh Market
looks like a fisherman. hahadinner was with Mai Chi.
We're late for the dinner.
blame the malaysian time.
Nolah, we have no proper map again.:P
we had steamboat and some local dishes.
in front of the restaurant
with flash
without flash.
the perverts with pretty girls
the receptionist of our guest house.
pretty and helpful.
Lastly, we're heading to Cambodia.

2 days without rice.


  1. WAHAHAHA, your reason for being EMO is really making me chuckle..

  2. people called me fan tong. if you get what i mean